Run #1316 Mengwi Chinese Cemetery 15-Apr-2017

Run #1316 Mengwi Chinese Cemetery 15-Apr-2017

Our next run is the Hari Raya Kuningan Run

Hari raya Kuningan adalah hari raya yang dirayakan umat Hindu Dharma di Bali. Perayaan ini jatuh pada hari Saniscara (Sabtu), Kliwon, wuku Kuningan. Hari raya ini dilaksanakan setiap 210 hari, dengan menggunakan perhitungan kalender Bali.

Hari raya Kuningan is the end of the most important of the regular religious ceremonies for the 10-day Galungan period. The festival falls on Saniscara day (Saturday). This feast is held every 210 days, using the calculation of the Balinese calendar.

Run Number: 1316

Date: Sat 15th Apr 2017

Run Start: 4:30PM

Run Site: Mengwi Chinese Cemetery

Hare: Twat Sucker

GPS: 8°32’59.9″S 115°09’58.9″E

Run #1316 Mengwi Chinese Cemetery 15-Apr-2017

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