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Bali Hash House Harriers 2 Next Run Map Saba, Gianyar
BHHH2 Run 1351 Pura Dalem Bongkasa 16-Dec-17
BHHH2 Run 1350 Kuburan Cina Mengwi, Tabanan 9-Dec-17
BHHH2 Next Run Map 149 St. Andrews Day Run @ Tegalalang
BHHH2 Run 1348 Lungsiakan Kedewatan Ubud 25-Nov-17
BHHH2 Run 1347 Beraban Kediri Tabanan 18-Nov-17
BHHH2 Run 1346 Pasar Ponggang Gianyar 11-Nov-17BHHH2-Run-1346-Pasar-Ponggang-Gianyar-11-Nov-17
BHHH2 Run 1345 Pejeng Gianyar 4-Nov-17 UPDATE
BHHH2 Run 1345 Pejeng Gianyar 4-Nov-17
BHHH2 Run 1344 Tirta Empul Tempak Siring 28-Oct-17
BHHH2 Next Run Map Waterboom Bukit Jati Gianyar
BHHH2 Run 1342 Pura Dalem Desa Pakraman Pengaji Payangan 14-Oct-17
BHHH2 Run 1341 Kantor POS Payangan 7-Oct-17
BHHH2 Run 1340 Goa Gajah Gianyar 30-Sep-17
BHHH2 Run 1339 Lungsiakan Ubud 23-Sep-17

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

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We set great runs and run great circles at Bali Hash House Harriers 2. Our runs are generally point A to point A runs, meaning we run, more or less, in a circle and end up back at the start point. This is also where we will have the circle. Our circles are fun and lively and we are always up for visiting hashers to contribute with a song some other form of wisdom to be shared with the group.

Also we recommend getting to the run site ahead of the 4PM start time so you have some time to get prepared for the run and listen to the pre-run briefing before setting off. Stay on paper and have fun.

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

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