Burning Worm Run & Sunday Family Hash 2023

Burning Worm Run & Sunday Family Hash

Burning Worm Run & Sunday Family Hash

A Joint production with DEWATA HASH HOUSE HARRIERS 🙌🔥🍺

The 4th Annual Burning Worm at BALI OUTBOUND FARMSTAY Baturiti – Saturday July 22 Burning Worm followed by Sunday July 23 Family Hash

Proudly Sponsored by PROST BEER and BalimOOn

Our intention is to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness where everyone can have a great time in a safe environment. We will have our regular weekly run in the afternoon followed by Circle. After the circle, we will light up the Burning Worm and enjoy a wonderful evening of fun, friendship and happiness.

We will have all you can drink Prost Pilsner & Lager along with Cocktails from BalimOOn, including a new signature cocktail called the “Burning Worm”.  On Sunday we will start the day with games for the kids around 12, followed by an easy recovery run at 3pm for everyone and circle at 4:30pm.

Burning Worm in Bali – The Backstory

by Cum on yer Back

The back story of the Burning Worm in Bali: Hello Hashers ! I, like most people, enjoy a good fire. Having no fire at our Hashes always seemed to me a missed opportunity as we repeatedly gather in the darkness for our circles and I hoped to change that one day.

The Burning Worm was created as a fun and creative way to bring fire to the hash and evolved into an art project with a life of its own. It was named in honor of our hash master Worm and originally planned to be a sculpture representing him. That plan was quickly abandoned in favor of a sculpture loosely based on the Monty Python worm.

Finally, after 3 years of Covid restrictions and revoked permissions, the original 5.5 meter Worm sculpture will go up in flames at the fourth annual Burning Worm run on July 22, 2023 in Baturiti.

Everyone likes to try and make their runs special and I hope the torching our original sculpture will add to the experience of our Baturiti run. After that, the planning can proceed on a 2024 design.

Huge thank you to Barnacle Balls who has “helped” me with every hash I’ve ever set and with all things Burning Worm… as well as all the volunteers, like Step Toe, that donated their time and experience in the creation of this years sculpture. On on

Come join us for the 4th Annual Burning Worm in Bali  


Run: #1598
The Burning Worm Run & Sunday Family Hash
Hares: Dewata Hash & Bali Hash 2
Date: Saturday 22-Jul-23
Time: Arrive by 3:00PM the run will start at 4 and we will burn the worm after dark.
Location: Bali Outbound & Farmstay (BoF)
Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali
There is still time to make a reservation to stay overnight for the Sunday Run. Contact BoF directly to make your reservations: +62 811-3806-633
  • Saturday 22-JULY; There will be 2 runs, a Long and a Short. The Long run will be about 9 to 10 km and the Short run is no more than 5 km. The run will start at 4:00pm. The circle will start at 6PM followed by the BURNING of the WORM. Overnight campers can enjoy the evening.
  • Sunday 23-JULY: There will be 1 run of about 5 to 6 km. People not camping should arrive around 12 Noon for games and socialising. The run will start at 3PM and we will have a short circle at 4:30pm. We plan to leave by 7PM for the drive home.
  • BHHH2 MEMBERS Drinking BEER: RP100,000
  • BHHH2 MEMBERS Drinking SOFT DRINKS: RP40,000


Burning Worm Run & Sunday Family Hash 2023
2023 Burning Worm Run & Sunday Family Hash