Bali Hash 2 Next Run Map #1447 Taman Beji Desa Samuan

Bali Hash 2 Next Run Map #1447 Taman Beji Desa Samuan

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

Hash Trash

Hash Trash Run #1446 @ Puri Damai

What better way to remember a true Hash Man Rabid Mangy Dog then to set a trail at the very same site where RMD did his 75th Birthday run bringing up Queen Victoria for the 200th!

And so Serial Offender with re-arriving Scrotum as well as re-emerging Amazon set #1446 in Puri Damai, Tunon.

Starting the run almost the same route as did RMD! 3 trails apparently, or should we say intuitively! A Short, Medium and Long was laid!  As fast and slow runners queued to cross the river, GayLick made an attempt to use his arms instead of his feet, hanging on for dear life off the steep drop to the river!

Alas Monty and Organ Grinder saved his day, how we still don’t know! Nevertheless, with the rice planting underway, the trail soon turned soggy for those bringing up the rear. The trail soon hooked back to the run site, and crossing waist high into the river of 1000 villagers piss & shites certainly did not appeal to some!

While the long runners split further up the trail, the Medium walkers soon meandered around the subak and pavement. A few virgins were given a good sight along the M trail, and soon LaWhore found himself virgin sitting! Floppy Disk tested his hard hairless head against the roof of a poor villager emerging with a scar he will not likely rid off! And soon one by one they stumbled on in.

Pearl Necklace’s last run before he heads back to Cold England also saw him testing a young bamboo stick as companion thru the trail. Not many charges at the circle, but it soon emerged that a vising Hasher with V as smooth as Velvet was mistaken for a virgin whilst Dick Chair was rightly stud up as a visiting hashman!

GayLick was given a today only Cliff Eastwood name for his antics, while a request was granted and in memory of RMD, his Black Widow will forever be known as Rabid Mangy Widow!

An imported cake from the hot baker from Bali in Kuta appeared courtesy of Jorok and both Scrotum & Serial Offender shared their birthday vows, I mean wish!

With circle in full swing, it soon appeared that we needed more Golden Amber Fluid to power those remaining!  Up stepped Jorok and 69er going round the circle raising enough Rups for Stars!

And it appeared for a while that the RA lost the plot, and in came the Hash Master Muddy to set reality in that no beer will flow without the moolah in hand of the Bintang boys!

Circled closed with an increased flow of fresh bintang brew!

And with that, run 1446 concluded with a revived Run Scribed!

Next Run Map

Only 2 more weeks until the Victor Awards


Next Run #1447

Date: 19 October 2019

Time: 4:30PM

Location: Taman Beji Desa Samuan

Hares: Virgin lead Hare “Cum on Your Back”, co-Hare Barnacle Balls

GPS: 8°27’24.5″S 115°12’44.7″E


Bali Hash 2 Next Run Map #1447 Taman Beji Desa Samuan

Receding Hareline

25-Oct 2019 The 25th Annual Victor Awards

1448   26 Oct 2019  Committee Victor Awards Recovery Run

1449   02 Nov 2019 Flaming Arseholes

1450   09 Nov 2019 Sing Nawang

1451   16 Nov 2019 Gudang & HH

1452   23 Nov 2019 Allez Allez Birthday Run

1453   30 Nov 2019 Monty St. Andrews Day Run

1454   07 Dec 2019 Hare Needed

1455   14 Dec 2019 Floral Shit Birthday Run

1456   21 Dec 2019 Siska 30th Birthday & Christmas Run

1457   28 Dec 2019 Pig Iron & Bottom Feeder New Year Run

1458   4 Jan 2020 Spook     Spook’s Birthday Run & AGM 2020

1459   11 Jan Tom

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Hash Boutique: Muddy Girl

Hash Flash: Pussy Delivery


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