When: Saturday 28 January

Where: Bali Budaya Cultural Village, Batusepih

VICTORS BIRTHDAY & MEMORIAL RUN – This year the Bali Hash 2 committee will honour Nightjar with a special run in commemoration to the spirit of his life.  We commissioned world renowned artist Agung Mungu Putra, who created many of Nightjar’s t-shirts 25 years ago, to create a special concept for Nightjar’s Memorial Run T-shirt.  This will be a Limited Edition shirt and might not be available again.

The cost is Rp.100,000 per t-shirt or singlet.

Place your order online or at this week’s run in Tegalallang. Sorry, no orders can be accepted after Wednesday 18th January. Everyone who buys a t-shirt will get a ticket for the lucky draw for one of 15 Gift Certificates.

Order Form:

RIP Nightjar … On On Forever!  Come join us on the 28th for a celebration of Victor’s life.

Here is a short video on Pk Agung

Disco Wanker once asked Victor how he would describe what he does. His reply was; “During the day I chase Birds and Butterflies. During the night I listen to jazz music, smoke, and drink copious amounts of Bintang.” He was, of course, much more than that; He was a scholar, poet, teacher, mentor, pioneer, adventurer, story teller, singer, novelist, an inspiration, and a Legend. 

To have lived life to the fullest doesn’t even begin cover it, when it comes to Victor. How much fun we’ve all had in his company over the years. I think I can speak for everyone when I say how lucky and privileged, we all were to be part of his life. As Victor would sing. “Who’s that knocking on heaven’s door,” cried the fair young maiden, “it’s only me, from over the seas, cried Barnacle Bill the sailor.

RIP Nightjar … On On Forever!