UPDATE: Todays Run #1424 Pura Dalam Bongkasa

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

UPDATE: Todays Run #1424 Pura Dalam Bongkasa

Don’t forget our change of run-site for this week. The run will be at Pura Dalem Bongkasa which is a short distance away (like 10 minutes) from the originally scheduled run-site.

As any good Hasher knows, the Hash is a metaphor for life itself. Thus, every Saturday, we must leave the Lounge Room of Lethargy, pack the Hash Bag of Caution, climb aboard the Sirion of Insanity or indeed the Avanza Of Adventure and drive up the Bypass of Oblivion to the Hash Site of Uncertainty, which this week happens to be at the Pura Dalem in Bongkasa.

Once there, we will descend to the River of Risk on treacherously slippery steps, grasp the Banana Tree of Balance along a narrow path or two to ensure that we do not plummet into the Gorge of the Damned and ascend the Slippery Slope to the Penultimate Heights of Doom. As we ascend the Staircase of Exhaustion, barked at rudely by the Dogs of Indignity, we fall headfirst into the Rice Paddy of Ridicule, following the Trail of Absurdity past the Garbage Pile of Disgust until finally returning to the Beer Lorrie of Levity and the Circle of Inebriation.


Bali Hash 2 Next Run Map

Bali Hash 2 Next Run Map #1424 Pura Dalam Bongkasa