Today is Saturday June 1st Hash Day in Bali

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

Festa della Repubblica

Someday – and that day will come on Saturday the 1st of June 2019 – Don Dough Balls will call upon you to do a service for Bali Hash 2. And on that day, you will accept Don Dough Balls‘ gift at the celebration of Festa della Repubblica. On that day of the Festa della Repubblica Don Dough Balls will provide you with a wonderful hash run, food, grog and a t-shirt.

“Remember, Bali Hash 2 is everything. Bali Hash 2 is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.”    – Don Dough Balls

Festa della Repubblica Don Dough Balls

Run #1427

Location: Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar

Hare: Don Dough Balls

Co-hare: F.U. & Shamrock Phrog

Date: Saturday 1-Jun-2019 Time: 4:30 PM (start time) Please try to arrive around 4PM

GPS: 8°32’51.1″S 115°18’19.5″E


Bali Hash 2 Next Run Map #1427 Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar