Bali Hash Trash Kawi Resto Tegalalang




By: Nightjar

What kind of tree is that? This from WHITEBAIT (longest, a part from meself, serving member) and yesterday (Sept 19)’s hare with HANDJOB – What again!? – in the car park at – what’s the name of the place – Mahi, Kawi? Something like that. It’s where we had our first run after being let out two months ago. Super s pot, nice garden, pool, fantastic view of Gunung Agung, and good parking for massed hash mobiles, and brilliantly situated in the hills north of Tegallalang. The omniscient botanizer was stumped. A raggedy, gnarled, spindly, small-leafed tree about 50 foot high. Off went the pack – just YWGMH & hares guarding the beer truck – so wandered into restaurant and enquired of divine demoiselle the identity of said woody wonder. Cengkih came the instant reply: which is clove in English.

Had a beer or two and watched lovely children playing in the pool, then strolled back to carpark where I addressed myself to WHITEBAIT. See that tree over there: some cunt asked me what it was and I didn’t know. Yes, said WHITEBAIT, that was me. Erm … There were many clove-trees surrounding the area, overgrown and past their prime, remnants of a former plantation. And bang next to the beer truck, a fine tree in flower which I thought was a mango, and which contained the nest of a dove which promptly shat on WHITEBAIT – very runny and yellow.

What luck.

Bali Hash Trash Kawi Resto Tegalalang

Actually, it was an avocado: I checked it out. But who cares?

Spectacular run with world’s dodgiest bamboo bridge over the deepest ravine anyone had ever seen. But all hounds safely across including lovely ZOLA. Much merriment succeeding. Three kegs demolished. No probs. WOODEN EYE did the honours, baptizing virgins, whilst YWGMH shrove AMAZON whose provision of ice was not according to our RA’s requirements.

Balls to Mister Bengelstein, dirty old man. Followed by ME NO LIKEY BLITISH SAILOR, with great circle support. And not forgetting BLOW JOE’s rendering of In Mobile, and even a few of the thousands of verses of The Ball of Kirriemuir. Finally an excellent nosh-up, and extremely well attended, as it should be.

Next week?

On tenter-hooks.

Glory glory hallelujah.

Bali Hash Trash Kawi Resto Tegalalang Bali Hash Trash Kawi Resto Tegalalang Bali Hash Trash Kawi Resto Tegalalang