Hash Trash During the Time of COVID – SATURDAY April 3


Yep, April, dumb-cluck. And it was Good Friday yesterday. Wondered why it was a tanggal merah. Bollox – been a while since I wondered about anything. Anyhow, up and running again. This time in that turf enclosure by Mambal swimming pool. We’ve met there many times. Brilliant spot, nymphs and shepherds, or prop up the beer truck. Which is what YWGMH & YWHMH did, the latter suffering from sore plates. Just remembered DICK THE PRICK on CALICO JACK with a bloody great hole in his sole – miraculously healed shortly thereafter. Check him out for the panacea. Lovely smell of newly mown grass and first bird heard the Brown-throated Sunbird – could almost have been a Chiffchaff. Unexpected visit from well-endowed alpha male macaque that feasted on purple jelly and jumbo kum then slunk off at the instance of alpha and omega GM. HARES on this sparkling occasion were SERIAL OFFENDER, WHILE YOU’RE DOWN THERE & INFLATABLE BEDMATE, WHO DESPITE thin paper at the end, suitably acclaimed in the circle. So easily pleased are we. Fantastic turnout: I reckoned 90 odds and sods, not including infants, mostly welcome and familiar faces plus fair number of virgins expertly deflowered by WOODEN EYE. A host of RETURNERS including surprise surprise NIGHTJAR who pleaded ‘merely obeying orders’ following first jako by pretty nurse from Payangan.

Pathetic. A scrumptious cake by NO DEPOSIT for WHILE YOUR DOWN THERE whose birthday it was. LABIA expostulating about zoonosis and birds of a feather with icing of weakest link, followed by Sister Belinda,

Whisky friskyy Brandy randy, Gin in, Rum come and God forbid Hack Daniels spaniels, and Pino Collada harder, and I forget what comes after Tequila. Jolly good show one and all. We should do it more often. Thank you WORM for keeping us all together and well primed, but how much longer must the BURNING OF THE WORM be held in abeyance?