BHHH2 Run Map #1385 Pura Prajapati Belayu Batannyuh 11-Aug-18

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

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Last week at Bukit Jati was a fine run. The weather was a bit overcast but the rain held off for a lovely run up towards the North, then looping West across the main road. The split gace the long runners the option to do some up and down running past a lovely waterfall. The entire valley was very beautiful as we continued South to find the Long and Short coming together again before heading a bit further South and then East for the On In.

We had a great circle that was lively and fresh. We initiated a few virgins and welcomed back the returners, including Mr Victor “Nightjar” Mason who had been ship wrecked for quite some time on some remote island to the immediate East of Bali. Having taken care of the Official business, our venerable RA proceeded with the sinners and ensured that they were doing some down downs and being shriven for their hashly behaviour. The circle continued until the beer was about finished at which point social drinking opened until we all ajourned on our way to various points afar.

This week takes us to a location that we don’t use very often so it will have some different and interesting trails for us to follow. Ms. Spank My Monkey has some sort of unknown age related celebration coming up of which we are not supposed to allude to under penalty of ICE! Some come join us for another great run in Paradise with Bali Hash House Harriers 2.

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Run #1385

Location: Pura Prajapati Belayu, Batannyuh

Date: 11-Aug-18

Time: 4:00PM

Hare: Spank My Monkey

GPS: 8°30’46.8″S 115°10’08.4″E

-8.512996, 115.168998 

Bali Street Atlas 3rd Ed: 63 / M1


Bali Hash House Harriers 2 Run Map Run #1385 Pura Prajapati Belayu Batannyuh 11-Aug-18