BHHH2 HASH TRASH Run 1353 Pura Panti Prabu Sobangan 30-Dec-17

BHHH2 HASH TRASH Run 1353 Pura Panti Prabu Sobangan 30-Dec-17

Is “Dumb” The First Word in “D.C. Comics”?


The “plot” of one of the movies I binge watched over the rainy Christmas/New Year season was this: Super Person, Bat Person, Wonder Person, Aqua Breath, The Flash and an electrocuted token black dude in a silver super suit whose name I didn’t catch, team up to to do battle with super-villain Steppenwolf. He had a huge hit in the 60’s with “Born To Be Wild”. Seriously, for complex plot reasons far beyond the Lay Person the guy in the silver super suit’s Super Name is never mentioned as far as I can tell. By the way, Lay Person is the super strength and Super Name I would choose. No no, not for THAT reason you dirty buggars. I’m just really good at laying down and “Flatulence Man” is already taken by The Duke of Edinburgh.

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Anyhow, this whole movie, “Justice League” (based on D.C. Comics super heroes, not Marvel Comics super heroes, so there) kind of put me in mind of the Hash at Sobongan last Saturday because of the almost EXACT plot line: Super villain, let’s call him Steppenhare, hatches a dastardly plot to destroy all Hashers by sending them on a series of ridiculous and outrageous check backs for no perceivable reason other than to turn a pleasant 6k short into an evil 8k arduous trial, plus the fact that he was a hare and therefore an inherently bad guy. Very obviously good and very obviously evil stereotypes engage in a mighty, epic battle the outcome of which is of course our quietly heroic, strong, persistent, clean living, handsome, fragrant but humble Hashers prevail against all odds, consigning the Evil One and his minions to their doom, with our Super Resolve and by giving him a Hash name and a down down. The Hash name if you have not yet guessed was of course “Premature Ejaculator”. There’s a super costume I’d like to see.


But I jest in a laughable, hardy har manner. It was of course yet another great run and the Hares did a magnificent job. Yes, they were perhaps a little keen on too-clever, over ambitious check backs, especially the crosses in the circles, a previously unseen Hash hieroglyphic that had Hashers of all ages either muttering “W.T.F?” Or coming right out scratching a bodily region (head) and thinking it. I have to give the scenery an 8.5 out of 10 for this run. It was excellent, even the bit at the very beginning on the longest, steepest check back ever recorded by Hash Human, the river section was terrific. The terraced rice paddys in this area are also easel-worthy, cameras and phones materialized in the hands of more than one Euro-touro, Euro-visitor or Euro-virgin.


Being the last run of 2017 and the day before New Year’s Eve, it was a particularly celebratory occasion full of camaraderie which  was reflected in the abundant outreach and outpour of what can only be described as “beer jugs”. It was the circle that just kept giving, and the crowd that just kept drinking and like the virgin Hare and Piss Pourer that he apparently was, newly named P. Ejaculator showed a lack of restraint similar to the check backs on the run (did I mention them?) and re-filled my glass when I wasn’t even looking. Now THAT’S the kind of enthusiasm we like to see on BHHH2! (2!)


The lager flowed right into Social Drinking, broke its banks and formed tributaries of small gaggles of Euro-garglers and regular garglers dotted around under and around the big banyan opposite the wantilan. One of our very favourite comfort zones and times on the Hash. As Steely Dan so pithily put it, “Chinese music ‘neath the banyan tree, angular banjos sound good to me”. Just substitute Indonesian beer and 14.8%.


On on to 2018

All the hairy breast.