By: Night Jar

Incandescent day – like yesterday, rendered all the brighter D the antics of our merry band of Hash House Harriers at the Bali Bird Park. The trail went straight thro the lawns and borders of the property, quite easily the equivalent of any urban botanic garden worldwide.

Did you know there are 58 species of palm tree there?

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

And never mind the dicky-birds. But Harry, the African Ground Vulture who has been there forever and is definitely the star of the entire show, greeted me with his customary head shake and honk. What beauty. He still recognizes me despite my long absence. I’m utterly disarmed. Then straightway to the Bintang Beer truck, and the bar was open (at 16.00).


Not only that but the hare INFLATABLE BEDMATE had set up a fancy cocktail dispenser – a potent blend of Bali Ayung-side whiskies that sent some troopers reeling. Pretty good actually. Compare it with Johnny Walker red, black, blue or green.

Go on. On on. Do it.

And did I tell you about the Bali Moon new Black Bull tasting we had last week? Can’t remember. Saturday 22nd was also of course Hari Tumpek Uduh / Pengatag, sacred to flora, especially fruit-trees, with rosettes pinned to each coconut palm in the garden. It was also a good day for the Frogs, being the anniversary of the (1944) Liberation of Paris, not to say birthday of that celebrated maestro of pianoforte composition – Debussy – second to none including Liszt (1862).

For some obscure reason YWGMH elected not to perform ‘Ou est le Papier’, preferring to proffer ‘I don’t want to join the Army’ instead. Still made little or no impression on the garrulous rabble. No discipline. HM WORM was co-hare. But by all accounts, it was WRIGGLY who was founder of the feast.

This morning I counted a dozen species of butterfly in the garden, including peranthus Swift Peacock jinking round the Curry-Leaf tree. It’s impossible to see the caterpillars or chrysalises, the former leaving no sign of de predation nor even frass; the latter in profile exactly the shape and colour of the pinnate leaves. On the adjacent fields, a host of egrets pursuing two rotavators – 100 Cattle easily, four Little, one surprisingly with pendant na pe plumes (bit early?), and one solitary Intermediate aloof and ponderous. All spanking white. A few pond herons in evidence, seemingly self-distancing.

Ed note – YWGMH is a wanker, Harry’s a HORNBILL – NOT a vulture.


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