Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run#1491

Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run#1491



INFLATABLE BEDMATE rang at midday offering ride to today’s HASH way up in the hills, but I declined none too graciously. Poor sod (full of pain-killers and penicillin) basket-case from overdoing it last week – at least five piss-ups including on the same day No Dead Fish at SAM O’NELLA’s to celebrate the departure of THE CUNT OF MONTE-CRISTO followed by CURRY CLUB at GANESH hosted by CHIPPY and DICK THE PRICK. OCTOGENARIAN AQUARIANS ought to know better, but ….. I had really been looking forward to the caves and waterfalls and jungle trails advertised last week by WHITEBAIT and HANDJOB, but …. ON ON all you BUCKY LUGGERS.

Scintillant start to the day The Drongo Cuckoo shouting the odds perched high in the Acacia. I get a good bead on him – clearly square-tailed and presumably resident. This chap can count up to seven, and that is the peak of his performance. The other night I had one that stuck on six for over 200 consecutive calls …. then I fell asleep. Counting cuckoo calls never fails.I once had one that went occasionally to eight. The book says up to a dozen. I don’t believe it. But – tell me – how come there wassnary sign nor sound of this bird in Bali for something like 40 years (or if there were it was never recorded)?

How do we account for the fact that I have heard (and not infrequently seen) Drongo Cuckoos practically every day and night for the past three or four years? And I am not the only one. Ask INFLATABLE BEDMATE for another. Climate change? BOLLOX! Birds and butterflies alleged to be extinct reappear regularly. All over the show. How come?

My death has been reported both in print and on-line. Moribund I maybe, but still alive and kicking. INFLATABLE BEDMATE next week in the uplands for Kuningan and St George. ON ON ye noblest English!

onon onononononononononononon onon


Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run#1491 Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run#1491 Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run#1491 Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run#1491 Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run#1491

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