Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run #1496 22-May-2021

Bali Hash House Harriers 2

Hash Trash During the Time of COVID

Trash Scribe: Nightjar

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RUN 1496 – SATURDAY 22 May

That lovely twisting lane and avenue of sheltering palms, newly planted fields on either side, down to the wooded graveyard and mighty Petanu valley. We’ve been here before, quite a few times, but not recently. I’ve usually got as far as that stupendous waterfall, but this time decided to explore our more immediate surrounds. The wood is ancient and comprises many magnificent trees, including ginormous Sterculia, Bombax, Ficus, and Tectona (Teak). Not a good spot for birds though: this is a kingdom of macaques. Little long-tailed buggers scampering everywhere and no tourists to spoil them. Tucked away behind the temple, quite easily the most lavishly appointed cock-fighting arena I’ve seen, with ring-master’s dais raised high above centre-stand. Emerging from the shrubbery I see NIGHT CRAWLER clutching a large Kaja fruit. No, it’s not a Jeruk Bali – pahit and poison and best discarded. It! did call for the application of anti-itch salve, but no damage done.

Urgent text message from SWEET SU on arrival at the beer truck – take it easy on the piss; your second jab rescheduled for Monday morning – so better watch it. Huge attendance – 130 odd, all the old familiar faces and not a few new. Sorry I couldn’t make it last week, missing WOODEN EYE’s defloration and LABIA’s circumcision ceremonies, victim of misinformation don’t you know. But DISCOWANKER was there, today also, and performing admirably. Hares were HARELIP and MUFF RIDER (newly christened) and Paper Bitch AMAZON (or AMAZON ARSE from Medan I’m told). Absolutely no complaints, and bloody well better not be (as pronounced by HARELIP before the event). Indeed, what was there to complain about – easily four kegs consumed plus bottles and splendid circle, AMAZON iced – I’m not sure why, but seemed to enjoy it, with EAT HER lap-dancing, and duly shriven by YWGMH. More than exiguous crack: that’s the way to do it. The Jews had been engaged in mighty smiting of late, thus prompting THERE WERE THREE JEWS FROM JERUSALEM. Can’t believe you never heard it before. Wherever have you been?