Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run #1494 8-May-2021

Bali Hash 2 Hash Trash Run #1494 8-May-2021

Bali Hash House Harriers II

Hash Trash Run #1494 8-May-2021

Trash Scribe: Nightjar


The day started with a dip in the briny at Pantai Merthasari. Nearly high tide at nine and sparkling ocean. Agung and Penida clear on the horizon. More remarkable the discovery of a great number of Glasswing butterflies (Acraeinae species) in scrubby vegetation by the beach. I had described these flies as occurring at higher elevations (and I told you about finding one in my driveway the other day), but I never expected to see them by the seaside. Fluttering low and ranging in colour from bright ferruginous orange to a faded tawny tint, I was admiring some by the wayside when I became aware of this presence behind me. Mister Mason I believe – so spake DISCOWANKER whom I had not seen since his return from Blighty. NIGHTJAR said I and I’ll see you on the run later. Sorry can’t make it today but I’ll definitely be on next week. Better be – or ice.

Heavenly vistas as before, but the fields vastly changed from emerald green to burnished gold (in the space of four weeks), with harvesting in progress. As promised two divergent sorties – thank you HANDJOB and WHITEBAIT who reside nearby and had recceed the area well, and everyone including newcomers and visiting hashers from Bandung and Surabaya ecstatic – but how come IBM and ORGAN GRINDER showed up in 20 minutes? – lossof concentration peradventure?

Indeed, welcome back ORGAN GRINDER and SPOOK. Been a while – and GET LOST (not SEX ON THE DESK, sorry). At the final check an eminence surmounted by a truly amazing Juwet Bali tree, biggest I’ve ever seen, with fruit like cherries but acrid/acidic and eagerly sought after by Balinese children. Jamblang in bahasa, and familiarly Malabar Plum – Syzygium cumini, if anyone still interested. Great aftermath with carefull ructed ENGINEERS DREAM (well done CONCRETE ERECTION) and legendary LOBSTER,

Next week at Lungsiakan – NB DISCOWANKER – and if you don’t know where Lungsiakan is, ask a fucking policeman.

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