Bali Hash 2 COVID-19 Run Protocol

Bali Hash 2 COVID-19 Run Protocol

Bali Hash 2 COVID-19 Run Protocol

So that we comply with Provincial and local guidelines related to COVID-19, we are publishing a COVID-19 Protocol for our runs. We request that everyone kindly do their part to ensure that BHHH2 runs are safe and adhere to the governmental guidelines.

Also, if anyone feels unwell or has a cough prior to the run, perhaps it’s best not to come for the consideration of all in our group. The temperature cut-off is 37.5⁰ C.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – please try to keep 2 meters apart during the run and wear your mask

  • Mask will be provided by BHHH2 at the run-site

Hash Cash – we will rope off an entrance to queue for Hash Cash.  We request that you adhere to the following queuing guidelines:

  • Use the hand wash station to clean your hands thoroughly first
  • Social distance between those ahead and behind you
  • Wear your facemask (a BHHH2 mask will be providing on arrival)
  • Your temperature will be taken before you present to Hash Cash

THE RUN as usual, we will have a pre-run briefing with Hash Master. We will start together at 4pm, runners should start first followed by walkers in small groups.

  • Try to maintain a 3-meter gap while running

HAND WASHING – a hand wash station will be provided plus an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

CLEANING SURFACES – it might be best if you bring your own glass. Servers will wear plastic gloves and all bottles to be washed down prior to serving.

CIRCLE – we will have a short circle after the run followed by social drinking.

  • Side-to-side social distancing of ~1.5 meters
  • Try to stay 3 meters away from the Hash Master
  • Make a space in the circle to allow entry and exit
  • Please try to use face mask as much as possible

Bali Hash 2 COVID-19 Run Protocol