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Run #1316 Mengwi Chinese Cemetery 15-Apr-2017

Our next run is the Hari Raya Kuningan Run Hari raya Kuningan adalah hari raya yang dirayakan umat Hindu Dharma di Bali. Perayaan ini jatuh pada hari Saniscara (Sabtu), Kliwon, wuku Kuningan. Hari raya ini dilaksanakan setiap 210 hari, dengan menggunakan perhitungan kalender Bali. Hari raya Kuningan is the end of the most important of […]

Hash Trash Run 1314 Blakiuh Simming Pool 1-Apr-2017

Night of the Flying False Fangs Hash Trash for Run #1314 Blakiuh Swimming Pool 1-Apr-2017 Grand Master Night Jar had just finished enlightening us on the origins of April Fools’ or All Fools’ Day and then regaling the throng with a side splitting rendition of “I Used To Work In Department Store In Chicago (but […]

Hash Trash Run Number 1313

Hash Trash Run Number 1313 In My Mind I’m Goin’ to Carolina… This is an old James Taylor song with some of the strangest lyrics ever heard in any soft cock, oops sorry, soft rock song I, personally, have ever heard. And they go like this: “In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina, can’t ya […]

Hash Trash Run #1312 Br Demayu Tunon

Hash Trash Run #1312 Br Demayu Tunon 18 March 2017 The Buffalo Hunter Returns! This was a saying my Dearly Departed Dad would repeat enthusiastically every time I showed my ever more battered visage at the front door of the family home (2 Instone St. Hilton Park, W.A., Australia – an address that sounds a […]