Every day is special here. Today even more so than other days. How come? Well, for a start, it is Kajeng Kliwon, a magically powerful day that comes round every fifteenth day, with elaborate offerings, including fiery coconut husks at the gate to keep evil spirits at bay. Coincidentally, it also happens to be Tumpek Wayang, sacred to the Wayang – shadow-play – and performing dolls or puppets (also to Wayang Wong performed by actual people). How hugely auspicious – and it’s cool and breezy, perfect for a HASH run.

But, sorry chaps, that dreaded lurgy still has us in thrall. Earlier, as I was pottering, I put up a button-quail which rocketed off, then a minute later another one which ran a good thirty yards before ducking into the border. You must practically tread on them to make them fly. A few minutes later, on my very doorstep, a pair of unusual butterflies dancing a merry pas de deux, brightly ochre in the sun – Common Faun (Faunis canens) – a forest species usually found higher in the hills. What joy! Check it out at pp 51-2 in my Butterfly Book, or your smart phone should turn up trumps.

Most entertaining event of the week (in lieu of HASH) scrabble game attended by YWGMH, IBM, STEPTOE & SUNNY CHOCOLATE FINGER, ending in a virtual draw for all. Exceptionally high standard I thought. Most exhilarating and enlightening were the accompanying beverages,

including home-brewed ginger ale that was truly excellent. With an ABV about the same as Bintang, it should definitely appeal to any HASHER wanting something a bit sweeter. There is, incidentally, far too high a consumption of soft drinks on our runs. In Singapore and KL when I started HASHING in the 60s, refreshment consisted of beer and ginger beer; it altogether makes the ultimate shandy. So to propose a supply of STEPTOE’s sparkling concoction at BHHHII meets.

What say you?

ON ON ON …..

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